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Preparatıon Studıes Before The Season

In this article I will try to answer the following questions without going deep into details – why before the summer season starts in all sports branches preparation camps are made, how these clubs are separated, what works in each section.

Pre-season preparation studies are shaped according to a trainer's annual training program. Atrainer plans the game philosophy to be played before the season, under the title of offensive and defensive strategies, and makes all transfers, content of the training program, practical methods.This is why it’s very important that the transfers before the season should be made in the team on time and that these players have completed the orientation process as soon as possible.There is a change in the annual plan of physical development. These changes are divided into 2 parts: preparation period and competition period. In other words, team sports such as football-basketball are played through a single league all year (except national team competitions), single-point training period is applied also after the league ends, but when we look at tennis-athletics-swimming branch, there are many important tournaments at different times of the year, and the annual plan varies according to the 2-point training period. In other words, one-tip training period includes general-specific preparation phase-competition periods and transition periods, while two-tip training period is formed as general-special preparation phase-competition period and re-general-special preparation phase-competition period.

The fact that our football team starts preparations before the short-term season in Florya is in fact the transition process. Normally, in the whole world this is done on the professional level, this process is being evaluated at the resort level, but unfortunately the settlement of this culture for Turkish sportsmen has been left to begin the period of the camping. Normally, during this process our athletes have to be restored physiologically and psychologically, injuries must be treated, and the acquired skills should be preserved.In recent years, transfers made in the last week influence an athlete in a negative way, and put a coach in a difficult situation. We all learned this by experiencing transfer trash, constant changes of coaches and even pain in the league. Our goal has been to resist this order for many years, but as long as the mentality does not change, unfortunately we have not been able to teach that way in Turkish sport.We now assume that we have completed the transition process in Austria or that we have entered the general preparatory period, the first phase of the preparatory period.

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The camp in Austria includes the topics I will be talking about in a moment.As we have just mentioned, the annual plan is divided into 2 parts, preparation and competition period, the pre-season preparation period is divided into 2 as the “general” and “special” preparation phase.The general preparation period aims to improve the working capacity of the athlete, regardless of the characteristics of the sport branch. The higher the working capacity of the athlete, the more adaptable the physical and psychological effects of training. So the stronger the working phase, the higher the level of skill to be achieved. In this phase, the goal is to strengthen the weakest aspects of the athlete in the physical field(1).Preparation period 1. The general preparation period is a blessing for an athlete. The more you benefit from water and bread of this period, the more recyclable it will be all year round.

In this phase, the athlete, training and competition compliance is provided, general fitness is developed according to the purpose and characteristics of the sport branch, it’s being strengthened and the goal to reach a high form stateis being achieved. Most of the motoric features such as overall durability, maximal force, speed are developed in this phase. Technical corrective work is applied only in general sense. The studies take place step by step from general to special principleHowever, with all this working out done in training loads are wide but their intensity is low. For example, if compared with a shuttle, it’s not two times by50 at once, but four times by 25 etc...I can hear what you're saying, but there's actually a big difference in purpose. In the first example, it’s aimed to develop the force quickly, which is the method to be applied when the force falls during the competition period, and in the second one, it’s the purpose of strength and endurance. The difference between these two is very important which is accepted by all training specialists around the world, it’s about gathering under the headings of general endurance, maximum force and speed.At this stage, I will have finished the first part of my article by sharing the applications on a more or less % basis for 1 training number.40% general condition + 10% special condition,20% technical improvement studies + 10% complex technical studies + 20% technical improvement studies(2).

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About Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world. FIFA estimates that 265 million men and women play football around the world, while 3.5 billion consider themselves as supporters of football. It’s expected that these numbers will continue to rise, as football's popularity is increasing, reaching record levels throughout the world and getting stronger every year. This unique access power of football has made it the ideal activity that Allianz can use to communicate with new and growing target groups. The two best football teams on the planetFC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona's partner, Allianz, are in a unique position to support large segments of football that consider football as an integral part of life.

Allianz believes that values of football such as team play, passion, discipline are equally important in the field and out of the field. These values are intended to vaccinate the next generation of players and supporters. To achieve this goal, every year since 2009, youth from 25 countries have been invited to Munich to the Youth Football Campfor a week to work with FC Bayern young team coaches. Thanks to this camp, these young men and women get an opportunity to improve their skills, to peek into the back of life in FC Bayern, to match their favorite football stars and to follow training and be friends with other inspiring players from around the world. Football love brings people from different countries and languages together, and Allianz is proud to build a world-class community for young fans who unite around their passion for sport.Indeed, "community" is an important concept in all football activities. Allianz cooperates with all kinds of international football communities, from street football to social media and senior professionals, because it knows that football will have a positive impact on the lives of different people in many different ways. Allianz continues to work to deepen this positive effect for the players and fans of today and the future.

Importance of Individual Coaching in Football

We have already written a lot aboutthe way football has passed and its development. I have drawn attention many times to the necessary ways to adapt to these developments and changes. But let's take a quick look again.According to my personal observations during the 2015-2017 football season, football has added a little more speed to the acceleration in recent years

The highest level of football in the world is played in the Champions League. According to past years, you can follow the changes in football with the naked eye. This year, the multiplier of the pass is that the pass variations we mentioned earlier are made faster, if necessary, less passively as needed, and they enter the penalty field much more quickly, the players in the teams are able to produce particularly aggressive and powerful forces in the bilateral battles, at the same time a lot of ball-dribbling without dribbling and surely well-splitting players are installed.

The reason for the Turkish footballer's inability to play at this level is that they can't catch enough of the athletic skills obtainedin the young age and can't fill the training basket. Let's look for the answer to the question of how to overcome this problem.;How Can We Play High-Level Football?To get to know oneself well and improve the game style according to its characteristics.Completing strength training to achieve the “target” strength level.To be able to make good use of football-specific abilities within the football field.

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In other words, the way to become a football player today is to combine football skills with the highest level of athletic skills. The way to do this is through the art of “individual training and coaching”.In a country where infrastructure works like in Turkey, schools are not very good and coaches are not sufficient, individual coaches and individual working camps need to offer a lot to a player. However, there is not much demand for football camps in our country where individual coaching can be done. We can even say that the concept of “individual training and coaching in football” has not yet been established.

But when we look at Europe, we can say that individual coaching in Germany, Spain and the UK is the most important point in the development of a football player.In European countries, team coaches are trained with a specific system, usually UEFA B or UEFA A, or even UEFA Pro coaching license in some clubs, although they work with a Sports Academy graduate and coaching team (trainer, physiotherapist, assistant coaches) and although they do not have any problems with football field finding and the length of the unit training, oftenfootballers can not make individual training.In Europe, footballers try to overcome this vulnerability by going to individual coaches or individual training football camps, both on holidays or leisure days.First of all, an athlete should know that each person has different physiological properties. This means that using the type or model of training that your teammate uses, or the weights that he uses, may not help you. While you have different features, it’s normal for your other friends to have different features.

For example, you are very quick, you can show good speed, but your friend has the ability to show good strength. You may need your friend's speed and your own strength. In addition, we have witnessed in our coaching lives, that some players increase their performance by just making streching exercises. Therefore, every athlete needs a specific external support.The main point Europeans pass on to us is that they have knowledge of the importance of this individual training, and they accept it and allocate budget for it.Unfortunately, with the development of training science nowadays, it is very difficult for athletes who are not provided with special training support by a club, or who are unable to allocate their own sports budget and work with special nutrition, special training, sports equipment, massage services, membership in a fitness room or with a fitness personal trainer, and who cannot attend individual training campsA brief explanation on this, talking about the upper-level Turkey was put to play in the major leagues of Europe excluding the Super League. But in the near future, I hope that the athletic and technical quality of the Turkish Super League increases and that it will join this high level. For example, if you play in a Super Amateur League, this may not be applicable to you.

These deficiencies must beeither eliminated by the clubs, or they must allocate the budget to this within the scope of possibilities of an athlete.An athlete will have a chance to get to know himself / herself with individual training support, to get a special program, to improve his / her own football style by having the opportunity to overcome his / her deficiencies individually. In fact, while working in these special training camps in recent years, we have found that some footballers play in the wrong positions, and that changing positions will be better for them.

Some of our footballers have eliminated the lack of force, some of them tried to jump higher. This way, those who understand and can make the professional football world to pass the necessary features have a very good grasp.If you really want to play football on a high level or at least try it out, you should practice with the coaches in whose proficiencyyou trust, or at least take part in the camps of professional football academies who organize them in our country and abroad for a short period of time to measure the effects of your individual training. You can probably realize that you need to invest in yourself. You should recognize your own pros and cons and develop a style that fits your needs. This will give you an advantage over others in this sport where competition is too high.

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Our children... are our mostvaluable beings! The birth of the stars works to provide the most reliable environment required for our children in our camps and schools.From our camp instructors to our school coaches,we strive to provide a safe environment at every stage, including transportation from our camp facilities, and we apply all necessary conditions.


In addition to our sport activities, we are in favor of offering to our young people real and important lessons that they can practice throughout their lives.In our trainings, we pay attention to our young people to be honest and not devoted to the truth and to make it the most fundamental principle of their lives.


Our children,our youth and our families are the most valuable... ... for them, in every camp or event we intend to do,” how can we do the best?” we think so.”Quality” is one of our most important principles.


In every activity we do, we take responsibility for our children from our families, and we are aware of the importance of this.Because the activities we do,the environments where we are,our instructors are effective in the personality development of our children.Therefore,we do not sacrifice quality in our training programs,camps and coaches.


Discipline is the process of preparing to live in harmony with self and one’s surroundings through the habits acquired by the individual.We know that success will be achieved through disciplined and planned training.Discipline is one of the most basic principles that we can never give up on.


The world is changing,people are developing themselves. We try to support development of our children and young people by adding new programs to every activity.


One of the biggest mistakes made today is to expect respect and love from the younger ones. In fact, what we forget that love and respect are mutual. We instill in our youth that they should respect each individual regardless of age, lifestyle, ethnicity. In addition, our instructors approach our young people with love and respect and help them to do sports and activites in a peaceful environment.

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