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The Role And Meaning Of Chess In Children’s Education

Every parent wants his child to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

For this reason, many parents send their children to sports and social events. The purpose of this is to give the child the opportunity to better know their environment, learn to communicate and improve their social interaction.

Sports activities and social events are good incentives to this. Chess as a sport also has a huge influence in this area and is unique. The place of chess in sport is special. Because there is no such sport that would be so similar to human life and reflect the social structure as accurately and subtly as chess. Attempts to establish similarities between other sports and life are not so fruitful.

But the resemblance of chess with human life is so great: chess, we do not seem artificial, like many sports, but inspired by the realities of life itself. This is an expression of the struggle that exists in life, and will always exist on the board. Benjamin Franklin expressed this similarity, saying that chess is a kind of life, life is a kind of chess. Former chess team coach Vasikov called chess "a small model of a great life."

But what is the benefit of the similarity the game with the life for children playing chess? The importance of chess in raising children takes place here. Because life and chess have so much in common. Since chess is a small model of life. To understand this model, you need to know life. Then we can use this model for what we want to apply in real life. We can use training as a training tool.

By using chess as a tool for educating children, we can bring our ideas about life through a chess model. Even if we do not do this, the child who comprehends the philosophy of the game will understand that what is on the chessboard will be real in life. Chess should be considered not only as a game but also as an idea that should be given to the child in the appropriate size. Thus, we get the maximum benefit from this game.Winter Chess Camp in Antalya

The fact that when we try to teach our children to distinguish good from evil, by dictating what they do and what not to do, it does not bring much good. In fact, chess shows how the game will determine the game, and what consequences a new situation in a causal relationship can cause. As a result, the child understands the fact that his daily life may have some consequences, for example, in chess. This causes them to be more responsible with their decisions.

Why Chess Sports?

Chess, Why Sport, How to train, What are their advantages?

Chess is a brain game. The most important difference that distinguishes this intellectual game from other intellectual games is that this game is also a sport. What are the criteria that describe the game as a sport? To answer this, we must look at the definition of sport and compare it with chess.

Training Principles are The Same as Sports’

Technical and theoretical information about sports is achieved before application in all sports events. Scientific principles are explained. Because it actually trains the brain, not the muscles. Muscles are only strengthened. In addition to strengthening muscles, the exercises are mainly aimed to teach the brain to perform the movement in the most effective way.

Sports education begins with an introduction to the field that will be used and technical methods. The rules of how to use techniques, rules and pitch, what to do in a situation, game and how to communicate with other players are certain and must be implemented without compromise. These rules apply not only to competitions but also to individual games.

The training principles described above are applicable both in sports and in chess teaching. Therefore, from the point of view of learning principles and practices, chess is a sport.

The Techniques And Principles Of Teaching Are The Same

Characteristics of each tool in sports, how to use it, how to move, what muscles, what techniques will be used for a successful result; create an educational process from simple to complex. In the same way in chess; first familiarization with the Board, then the pieces are introduced. Then the principles and rules inherent only to chess are given: coordination. Success comes with the use of tools and actions for full coordination.

To succeed, the athlete tries to do the same movements correctly and repeats it to improve his physical and mental performance. A chess player also has a scientifically proven set of moves; debut, tactics, strategy, etc. To apply the basic principles and win, he must train on his own.

Regime And Way Of Living Is The Same As In The Sport

An athlete must develop his potential to maximize his competitiveness. The goal is not only to succeed in the competition but also that he should stay in shape as stated in the first principle above; since sports training is brain training, all the elements that will contribute to the training should be involved. Such as

  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • Sleep and regimen
  • Working methods, time and quality
  • Suitability of the environment in which the athlete lives
  • Increased attention to health, environmental conditions
  • Sobriety
  • Increased physical and mental activity
  • Wealth and diversity in public life and activities
  • These are cycles that an athlete must follow throughout his life. In chess, success is ensured by regular / expected and disciplined every moment of life.

The Procedure And Principles Of Preparation Are Similar To Sports

Preparation for sports includes, in addition to all the above, more intensive application of these points, study the characteristics of the competition, competitors and special applications and possible situations. Chess meets all these requirements. To achieve success or the expected result, it is important nutrition, performance, lifestyle, as well as how to train, what tactics will be used, the factors that should be paid attention, conditions and movements are constantly repeated and classes are held, strengthening exercises.

Psychological Struggle During The Competition Is The Same As In Sports

In sports competitions, the mind of an athlete should never evoke thoughts that would make him feel weak. He just needs to convince himself that he can do something and do his best. At the same time, defeat is the exception, and victory is the expected situation.

From the opponent in the competition, you can expect any degrading effects and superiority. The athlete is ready for them and he feels that he can do much better. In this sense, training has a large share. He is convinced that he will improve himself, and this is the basis for achieving victory. Psychology in chess is particularly effective; because a comfortable, focused state of mind is the basic condition for the brain to work with maximum efficiency.

Competitions In Chess And Sports Are Equally Energy-Intensive And Tedious

Yes, it may look amazing, but it is true. In serious chess events, a player can lose 2-3 pounds of weight. It's impossible for a normal person. For this reason, large chess players also have to engage in other sports that increase resistance to strengthen their body: running long distances, lifting weights.

The level of intelligence of men and women is the same. The reason that there are no world Champions among women is the emergence of resistance in competitions with heavyweights, such as World Champions. The best sport for the brain is chess. As long as the brain works like a great master, the whole body is mobilized to support it. That's a lot of effort.

Analysis After The Competition Is The Same As In SportsChess Organizer İn Antalya

After competitions in sports; in each match, there are mistakes of the athlete, truth is established, conditions of participants are analyzed and shortcomings of the athlete depending on what aspects should be developed are revealed. These results are applied to training to ensure the progress of the athlete. In chess, in the same way, the wrong and correct moves, tactics, strategies must be implemented by determining what the athlete will do in such situations, as well as applied in training.

The Choice Of Coach Is The Same As In Sports

Coaches, in the sports industry, are selected in accordance with the nature of the athlete, style of work, performance and goals. All these qualities belong to the chess coach. As the goal grows, the choice of coach is also important.

The Basics Of Finding A Sponsor

Some of the requirements to find sponsors in the sport:

  1. Regular high performance: the athlete must be recognized or prospective.

  2. Creating a good image, reputation. The easiest way is to be a good person directly. No company makes miracles in sports, it does not jeopardize its prestige in supporting someone with serious problems in personal and public life.
  3. Have an effective environment: very talented people, especially beginners in sports, need personal acquaintances to support themselves in the social sphere. These conditions are also valid for chess players. In short, chess is studied as a sport, sport, the same with training, sports spirit in accordance with the way of life - a prerequisite for this sport!

What Are The Advantages Of Chess Sport?

Since chess rules are few and easy to understand, this is one of the rare sports that can be recommended to anyone because the tools needed to play are cheap and easy to find. Again, as with any sport, chess will also benefit if practised and played regularly. Take the first step, you'll like it.

The most important advantages of chess:

They make a person think logically, analyze and make a plan. You can immediately understand that chess has a huge impact on the development of cognitive functions of the brain. This effect is more pronounced if it started at a young age. However, cognitive abilities increase even if chess starts in old age. When chess was played regularly, patients with Alzheimer's had a marked improvement.

  • Provides consistency and auto-control in action. First, you think about chess and then you make a move. When chess is played regularly and the necessary way of life is observed, the consciousness turns into someone who knows exactly how to achieve his goal, who acts with full dedication, plans his future, takes the right step at the right time.
  • Chess sport gives many other useful qualities: speed, clarity, clarity of mind. Therefore, we recommend chess to everyone, especially from a young age. As in any sport, chess is not required to expect higher results in competitions. The main goal in chess is to apply this sport correctly, follow the required lifestyle and be an athlete. In short, chess creates a new way of life.

How To Train In Chess?

Chess books, the Internet, etc. can become your main helpers along the way. However, as in any sport, it is necessary to study chess and practice academically and professionally with a coach. Therefore, I recommend you to register at the chess club nearest to you. It is also recommended to install a special coach for school-age children in chess clubs/classes. Chess is a special sport that will leave a positive mark in the life of every child, young and old. Experts should be trained in the advantages in terms of prospects, and the development of personality in chess should be monitored and evaluated by experts.

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