How to become a good football player to improve the technique

Best Tips about How to become a good football player

How to become a good football player, how to improve the technique with ball

If you are reading this article, then you do not have a coach. Because if you had a coach, he would has told you all about this. And if so, then start

Below is a list of exercises that will help you develop the technique with the ball During football training, do the right and left leg exercises at the same time.

Not trained leg can become dull and stretch it will be difficult in the future. A player who plays with his right foot can sometimes change the whole fate of the match by making any movement with his left foot. But the sports life of a football player who stumbles or watches a ball that suddenly appears on the left does not last long.Winter Football camp

- Constantly count the ball strikes, alternating one foot after another, while moving.

- Take the ball on your feet and go up with it on the stairs

- Take the ball on your feet and go down with it on the stairs

- Play against the wall

- Serve passes on the wall with your right foot without touching the ground

- Serve passes on the wall with your left foot without touching the ground

- Serve passes on the wall alternately right then left foot and the ball should not touch the ground

- Repeat the exercises with the passes on the wall but now with one jump of the ball on the ground

- Play volleyball with your feet, it will help you to strengthen your leg muscles and develop your technique

Dribbling – Feint

- Identify obstacles for yourelves and set of 10-15 pieces of objects with a distance of 80-100 cm between them. Go consistently to the end and back to the start. Develop yourself by changing poses from right to left and from inside to outside.

- Guide the ball on the free field and don’t put your head down and and don’t look on the ground. Keep the ball as you are attacking and reaching the penalty area perform a goal kick. Stand in position without lowering your head.

- Always serve passes forward

Technique in Football

- You need to determine where to kick at the position of impact

- At impact you must know how to keep the body and use the supporting leg

- To develop the technique is more important than developing a strong kick. It will be better if you perform a strong blow from afar, but the slightest shift will cause the ball to fall not into the goal but in the out area. First of all the technique is important.

- Perform strikes on targets, corners and point targets.

- Mark with your eyes the place where you are going to perform the strike. Draw the line of flight of your strike in the air. Train to the last forces, concentrating all your energy on your legs. You need to do the work as you planned. Later, you will learn how to reduce the time you draw plans in your

mind. You will learn to determine in advance and quickly make a decision with what speed and force you need to serve the ball, and where you need to serve the ball, while the defender approaches you. You speed up the thinking and strategy of the game.


Proffesional Football camp

- Before starting a training, you need to warm up, so do not ignore jogging and physical fitness.

- Your body must be strong and steady. The body should be so stable and strong that you could hold the ball with your shoulder and control it without dropping it to the ground. Perform this exercise with friends, passing the ball to each other.

- Try to run when someone pulls you from behind. You need to free yourself from the hands of a person pulling you from behind. If a player cannot keep his balance with a slight pull, then unfortunately he cannot be a football player. And you are sure to come across this.

- Try to drive the ball even when you are pulled back. You must not lose the ball or you will lose. And between the legs the ball should not wander, if this happens, you stumble and lose.

- A football player who wanders across the field shoulder to shoulder of the opponent, often falls to the ground and who cannot keep his feet firmly during the game, should not play in a team.

- Train with friends using fighting techniques

How to become a football player? Do I need to train this specially?

Becoming a football player is a personal matter for every person. Football-loving people begin to develop themselves in football from a young age. Playing football constantly, they develop themselves to a professional level. Now, having a football profession means playing football professionally. There are football schools. But if a player shows his talent on the field during the game, then training is not required for him.

There are following conditions to become a football player:

Development in football depends on abilities. Studying at the football school from an early or teenage age will help you get the right education to become a football player. Because football depends on the development of your abilities. During training of football tactics at school, training is also conducted with a mental direction. Thus, the football player gets basic education.

The football training is conducted on physical education lessons for the general sports concept. To become a football player it is very important to know the rules of the game. Football is a game with its own rules and discipline. Therefore, in parallel with physical development, it is necessary to develop mental thinking.

To become a football player you must take part in the team selection. Team selections are held every year in a certain period by all teams and clubs. These selections can be the first official steps in football, where everyone shows himself, showing his abilities. Thus, step by step, the development of a football player begins. These selections continue to Group A and end with the transfer of the player.

Here are some basic rules on how to become a football player.

1- You need to start playing football from an early age. Thus, the brain of the child will better understand football and thinking will develop during the game of football.

2- The ability to run fast is a very important ability in football. If you run fast during attack and defense, you are one step ahead of your opponent.

3- Along with the mentality, your football intelligence should also be at a high level. It will come in handy during a face-to-face meeting with the goalkeeper or during an intermediate serve.

4- Being brave in football is very important.

5- Short passes need to be developed. This exercise is very important.

6- Football is a team game of 11 people. Play with your head up to see your friends.

7- Never give up. Be sure.Football Training camps in Antalya

8- Control your muscles. If you have strong muscles, you can make quick strikes from any distance. And long serves will be easy for you. There are great benefits to visiting fitness. Keep your physical condition on a high level.

9- Fair play in football (i.e. friendly match) is very important. Behavior should be friendly, without cruelty to the opponent.

10- Be friendly. Do not be arrogant. Do not be nervous if you are left in the reserve staff. Try to attract the attention of the trainer during trainings.

11- Treat training as entertainment. Work a lot in training to attract the attention of the trainer. Be confident in yourself. When running, try to come to the fore.

The main rule: the most important thing you should have a talent for football.

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